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Private Readings

and Tarot Readings for Parties & Special Events

Tarot Readings for Parties & Special Events

Add pizzazz to your party and give your guests a special treat with Laisi's entertaining Tarot Readings!  Clients love how she sheds new light on important issues. Everyone walks away with positive feedback and a new point of view. Laisi's positive energy, surprising Intuition and upbeat readings will wow guests and give them something to talk about for weeks to come. 


Laisi is available for all types of special events and social gatherings:

New Years Eve

New Years Day
Marti Gras          Valentines Day 
St. Patrick's Day   
Solstice parties
Fourth Of July
Memorial Day        

Corporate parties     

Halloween Parties   
Thanksgiving Parties

Birthday Parties      Bachelorette          Wedding Showers    Anniversaries          Renissance Fairs      Graduations
and more

  A Tarot Card Reading with Laisi offers
you insights into  business, family life,
friends and where your focus
priorities best serve you.

Readings are in person,
telephone, email or via skype
Laisi will arrive at your event with a sumptuous reading cloth, candles, stones and tarot cards. She requires a table, 2 chairs and just enough space to hear one another.
My goal is to empower the individual
We all have choices we can make, but sometimes we need help in broadening the way we perceive our situation.

It was so soothing and reassuring
to know that my cat Minou is at peace. Your words were poetry and heart felt.

Thank you so much, Peri



I want to thank you for the tarot reading that you did for me on Sunday at the Spiritualist Church event.  I was the person who asked about my new coaching business.  It gave me something to think about and some possible action that I need to take.
Thank you again!
Be well, Daniel

Thanks again for helping me bring light to my current situations. 
~ Chad  


  • I do not give medical advice.

  • I won't advise you to quit your job.

  • I am not a fortune teller but I can do   projections which offer insight into timing issues based on current known facts.

  • My age limit is 10 years old and with   parent participation.


Laisi has a background in theatrical costumes and will always dress up for your party!!

    Please email or telephone Laisi directly to get a personal quote for your private reading or social event.

(917) 701-8039

Thank you again, so much, for reading at our party! Everyone had a wonderful night!
~ Amanda


Lais...Wow, what an incredible evening. 
Thank you so much.  Everyone loved you! ~ Richard 


I have been a tarot card reader for 25 years, and I was so impressed by your indepth knowledge and obvious talent. Thank you for your warmth and insight! And for guiding me into my subconscious heart. 
~ Emily Nemeni

We all stand on the edge of the cliff overlooking the abyss wondering what if? But what? How so? Indeed all the answers lie within ourselves but often time our own judgement is clouded by our past, present and unforseen future.

Laisi helped the sun shine throughh the clouds illuminating the path I have always envisioned for myself. Because of her, I walk my path with greater discernment and clarity. Because of her, I was able to dive head first into graduate school and maintained an unshakable focus despite all the obstacles that came my way.
Laisi, thank you will never be enough. I'm forever indebted to you for helping me become a better me.


(917) 701-8039

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