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    Intuitive Tarot Reader

Laisi received her first Tarot deck at the age of 13 and  began her journey into esoteric and metaphysical studies.  Her quest has been to deepen her understanding of Tarot by intergrating the subtleties and nuances of the esoteric sciences. She believes every form of practice is interrelated and integral to enhancing intuition and skill. It is Laisi's heartfelt intention to help her clients clarify important issues and enable them to proceed forward  with confidence. 

Laisi is a certified advanced tarot reader and graduate from the Tarot School of NYC and is a core staff member for their annual Readers Studio conferences.  She is a certified Usui Reiki Master and lends her services as a Reiki healer / Light Work practitioner with the Spiritualist Church of NYC for their healing services and is frequently a tarot reader for their psychic fairs.


In Laisi's amazingly accurate readings, she
offers invaluable insights into personal matters, 
family issues, work, finances, and questions of
the heart. She helps you overcome sources of conflict 
and strengthen your confidence in your creative potential! 

Laisi's love of animals drew her
towards animal communication and  she offers psychic readings for people who's animals have crossed over.

~ My goal as a Tarot Reader is to empower the individual ~
We all have choices we can make,
but sometimes we need help in broadening the way we perceive our situation

(917) 701-8039

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